Capstone Blog #3 – Pipeline Changes and Pinning


As the third week comes to a close, my team finds itself heavily leaning towards making the Luchador Themed fighting game I’ve been going on about in my previous blog posts. However, all our excitement for the game is accompanied with some headaches as well.

Future Pipeline Changes

Our art team went and got some advice from faculty and came to the conclusion that we weren’t going to go with 2D sprites for our fighters, but with 3D models instead. This significant change put a bit of a wrench in the pipelines I had set up – but hey, that’s game development!

What was mainly affected by the change was the design pipeline for editing collision boxes. With sprites, the designer could simply switch the active sprite to the desired keyframe and tweak boxes from there. However, with complex 3D character animations in Unity – you can’t just bring the character to a desired frame in the editor. I did some research and everything should be fine as long as I develop a tool that allows the playing of said animations in editor mode to a specific frame. It shouldn’t be too big of a hurdle but that’s the only foreseeable change I can see for now.


Since our prototype hit QA for the first time this week, our team decided to put less time towards progressing traditional fighting game mechanics (counter hits, grabs, jump attack logic, etc) in order to prototype a mechanic unique to our game – pinning. Unlike a normal fighting game, you don’t win by reducing your opponent’s health to zero, you win by pinning them. Every time you knock down your enemy (by specific moves or by depleting their health) you gain an opportunity to pin them – in which a pin mini game starts to see if they can break out or not.


In typical wrestling fashion – get a 3 count and you win!

The red bar moves back and forth as the player being pinned attempts to break out by stopping the bar in the safezone. The size of the safezone correlates with the amount of health you have when you’re pinned (in this case, it’s a pin off a KO so it’s very small in the picture), and the speed of the bar is determined by how many knockdowns you’ve accumulated.

This is the first of our unique Lucha themed mechanics that we wanna implement – and we feel like this is one of the most vital mechanics to represent how our game will put a fun twist on the typical fighting game formula.


It’s been a fun but stressful week – but the feedback to the pinning twist on our fighter was pretty positive, and people look forward to seeing how it would play out when more in depth fighting game mechanics are added. Besides the pinning minigame, I added knockdown properties this week, crouching, and blocking. I hope to spend this next week fleshing out more fundamental fighting game building blocks, like jump attacks, crouch attacks, counter hits, and hopefully throws!

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