Capstone Blog #4 – Top Ropes and Bouncing


The Situation

At the beginning of the week out team challenged in order to get our Lucha game proposal through, and we mostly passed. We got permission to solely work on our fighting game, with the caveat that we present again next week. Our teacher requested that in our next prototype we show more mechanics that make our game unique – so my challenge this week was trying to balance implementing core fighting game mechanics, while also prototyping our wrestling themes mechanics like top rope attacks and rope bouncing.

Rope Mechanics

The Lucha Mechanics we prototyped all involved the rope. On top of all the normal fighting game character states I have to worry about, an additional state is the rope bounce state.

lucha bounce

Look at how smug he is.

From here there are two different possibilities. The player can either run the opposite direction of the rope, causing the player to bounce off and run even faster than he was before. The more consecutive ropes you bounce off of, the faster the player runs. These values are all modifiable by the designer in the editor.

If the player instead continues to hold back into the rope, they will proceed to mount the rope after a certain amount of time – putting them in a threatening top rope state!

lucha top rope.pngPlayer 2 better be careful!

From this state, the player can jump off the rope and attack – executing a special top rope maneuver. For now, it’s just an attack with extra damage – but the logic is there to later add special properties to the move as the design evolves.

Animation State Machine Hell

As you can imagine, fighting games have A LOT of different gameplay states an animations. The Unity animation state machine I was making was quickly spiraling out of control. I spent some extra time cleaning up the machine and adding sub states to better organize things.

animation tree.png

It’s a lot, but manageable.

As you can see, the different sub states consist of game states like “crouching”, “top rope”, and others. These all have their own spider webs which consist of the animation states in Lucha Megadrive. This also helps organize transitions so that characters don’t freak out into states they shouldn’t be.


Besides the things I mentioned, I added in a lot of core fighting game functionality this week too. Things like counter hit logic, normal jumping attacks, crouching attacks, and running. It’s been a lot of hard work but I think the current prototype’s state will better demonstrate how our game will differ from other fighting games in the market right now.

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