Tank Movement AI – Planning


Sorry I haven’t updated my capstone blog in a while, I’ll get to it this weekend, there’s a lot to talk about! On the AI end of things, we’re finally moving on to our next project, and it’s making squad based tank AI. I’m honestly a little wary – this seems a lot more difficult than some of the other projects but I’m looking forward to challenge!

The Goal

Right now the the game is a top down tank battle game. Our first goal is to write the movement part of our Tank AI so that it can maneuver around walls and mazes to reach its destination. Long story short, wherever the player clicks – the tank should be smart enough to get there.


The Plan

Off the top of my head, the plan hear seems fairly simple. Get the map data from the game, make some sort of graph out of the map data, and then perform a pathfinding algorithm like dijkstra or A* on the graph in order to get the path needed to reach the clicked point.

The tricky part is that these tanks are controlled by two treads, so I’ll have to experiment a bit to find the optimal values to give both treads in order to handle different situations in the path.


I’m not too worried, and I hope the tread part doesn’t end up being a huge headache. For an initial run I might just do 90 degree turns and then just moving forward. Once I get that ironed out, I can worry about optimizing the path traversal.


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