Capstone Blog #9 – Last Minute Polish


As with any big showing, there was a lot of polish work to do on Lucha Megadrive before the big show senior show that would determine whether or not our game gets cut. As a programmer, I quickly realized I had to do some more boring quality of life stuff to get a proper game flow going. The whole semester was all about making tools and mechanics – now it was time to build some structure around that.

Main Menu

Of course, there’s the token main menu. Some options shown below are unavailable and are there as more of a “preview” for next semester.

mainmenuSimple, but effective.

All the basics are there, like credits, basic options with sound control, and an option to take you to the meat of the game.

Character Select

What would a fighting game be without a character select? This one I made without using Unity’s built in canvas event system because that only supports one controller right now.

charaselectI currently main purple Fuego.

It’s a fairly simple set up, so I added some simple scaling animations to the cursors that add some extra feedback. Sound effects add a lot as well. I think my favorite thing about this menu is your ability to select your fighter’s color! I made a fairly modular tool that allows for my designers or artists to dynamically add new fighter skins, while also modifying the colors that represent them in character select.


To compliment this, I also implemented a simple GameManager singleton that keeps track of very broad things that mostly every scene will need to know. One of these things is each player’s selected fighter and the color associated with it (so it knows what texture to load). Having a color select is a really nice piece of polish that I’m glad we got a chance to put in.

Spit and Polish

It was one busy week. Besides implementing all this menu stuff I also tried my best to find/fix any remaining bugs we had left so that I could insure that faculty would have a smooth experience playing our game. I also worked with the designer to implement and fix some sound effect issues, and add some feedback for our armor and unblockable mechanics. There’s a lot more we could’ve done – but for three months time I feel like our team had a solid vertical slice that represented our mechanics well.

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