Lucha Megadrive – Input Reworking and New UI


This week was a bit of a lighter once since most of the team had plans for the weekend, but a good amount still got done!

Input Reworking
Something that Lucha Megadrive has been missing is special move variations. For example, in Street Fighter, you get a different fireball depending on if you press light punch or heavy punch after your quarter circle input. That has been missing in Lucha Megadrive until now, I had to do some reworking into how the animation transitions and input management is set up but now my designer can make special move variations with their own move properties. I also did this while retaining the simplicity of the cancel tool I made earlier. While special move variations are treated as different moves, when it comes to setting up cancels, if you input a quarter circle forward punch input for a cancel, it was automatically detect both fireball variations as a cancel for that move.

Lastly, up until this point Megadrives have been performed by specific Megadrive shortcut buttons. My designer has been wanting the option to do specific super inputs alongside of the super macros, and I got that working too!

Aerial Interactions

Last week I mentioned that I reworked how aerial interactions work in Lucha Megadrive, and I’m happy to say that I finished implementing the last of those systems. The rest is up to the designer to give the moves appropriate values – we’ll probably need some air specific animation states in the future as well.

UI Prototyping

UI wasn’t a focus for our team last semester, but now we have a designer specifically focusing on that to pick up the slack on that department. Since I wrote the initial UI code, I helped her with prototyping and initial implementation of the new UI.

luca                                                           One of our UI examples

We’re trying our best to make the UI lest intrusive, more readable, and more intuitive and stylistic. I’m really excited to see where it ends up!


Among other things, my programmer partner in crime has been working on developing a dynamic camera system so we can get over the top dramatic angles during pinning, and possibly during different moves as well, he’s also been working on getting fluid mat bounce system to work to really give our game some visual flair and feedback.

The entire team is working hard to meet our initial conditions and so far it definitely seems like things are on track.



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