Lucha Megadrive – Training Room and the Birth of Winter


It’s the third week of development and we’re about to challenge our green light conditions. Things are going well and the game is definitely moving forward at a good pace. On the programming end my main tasks were to begin the implementation of the coveted training room and starting to work on Nuclear Winter’s initial implementation.

Training Room

Duncan and I have been tackling the training room together. I set up a simple architecture to build off of and added some new events to allow for an environment where you can freely practice combos and different positions. Duncan handled showing inputs pressed and showing damage UI for the trainee to analyze as they test different combos. Right now, training mode is at a base state where the core functionality is there, but there are some more in depth training features we are planning to add in the coming weeks.

trainingTraining Mode is definitely on the way!

Nuclear Winter

Although the model isn’t finished yet, there’s a lot of animations to get done so our animators have already started to crack down on them. In order to test them in engine, I already started using the framework I set up last semester to begin the implementation of Nuclear Winter. I’ve started beginning the new animation tree and going through the initial set up of making a new character. I’m happy to say that the pipeline is still working great and that our animators are doing a fantastic job so far!

winterWinter will look sicker soon.

Moving Ahead
I feel like these past few weeks the programming team has been tying up loose ends and adding smaller features. We realize that during this lull between art implementation we have more time than we thought we had to add more features, so we’re currently talking with the design team to see how we could best spend our extra time. Right now, it’s looking like we might be getting a trials mode in, which is another fighting game must have.

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