Lucha Megadrive – Trials Mode UI and Bug Catching


This week was another week of steady progress for Lucha Megadrive!

Bug Catching and the Smaller Things

For me, this week was comprised of a lot of smaller tasks that added up. I implemented a main menu layout, implemented pin magnetization which works in tandem with the dynamic camera angles, and worked on several bug fixes that have added up in the past couple of weeks.

pinYou’ll look cool no matter where you pin.

This ensures that the pin will look natural no matter where you pin from and no matter what orientations the characters are at.

New Trials Mode UI

We implemented an initial trials mode last week, but the UI was most definitely lacking. Luckily our awesome UI designer drafted up a new UI plan and I got to work on implementing that. Now there are two styles to demonstrate what trial you are on, the old text style (which some players prefer) and a more intuitive visual style that shows buttons and motions. I spent some time setting up the system that would dynamically make the UI depending on what moves the trial is composed of – this is the result.

trialsuiMuch better – in my opinion.

Now our designer can make whatever trial they desire and the UI will automatically be made to fit. It’s not completely finished, but all the basic functionality is there. For the most part we just need some art assets to spruce things up.

Team Dynamics

Last week I mentioned some worries I had about our team’s current state and communication structure. I’m extremely happy to say that we’re well on the way on fixing those issues and bringing morale back up. The entire team is behaving and handling the situation very professionally as well. As a result of some of the issues the past couple of weeks, we’re cementing leads roles a lot more in order to facilitate communication and structure, which means a couple more lead responsibilities for me.

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