Lucha Megadrive – Pin Cancels


I had a lot of fun this week implementing a whole new mechanic – pin cancels! One of the last game play critiques our game had is that the pinning aspect needed a bit more agency from the attacker’s side, so I spent most of this week implementing the mechanic our designer designed to address this feedback.

Pin Cancels

The idea is that during a combo, you can cancel any move that knocks down or juggles into a pin. By spending a bar of meter (equivalent to a super attack) you instantly transition from your previous attack into a pin position, with the advantage that your enemy has half the safe area they would have had if you just had pinned them normally.

pincancelIt’s hard to show in a single frame…

You can see from the inputs, that I used crouching punch to launch the opponent, juggled with standing heavy punch, and then immediately pressed pin to go right into the pin combo. As a result I’ve used one bar of meter and the opponent will have a tougher time getting out, cool!

Pin Cancels and Trials Mode

Since pin cancels are a new and vital mechanic, we wanted to incorporate them into trials mode as well. This way, players can learn about what cool combos they can do before they try to quickly end the match:

pin cancel trialThis one might be too easy.

On top of that, our designer can now choose the start points of each player per trial. This will help for things like corner specific combos. Trials mode is almoooost where we want it to be, we just need to plug in some pretty UI and provide a satisfying transition between trials.

Moving Forward

I feel like our team is finally operating at peak proficiency. We’re getting a lot done every week and there are some huge changes coming up! Our remade Fuego will be coming up soon and we’re planning to have a playable Nuclear Winter in the next two weeks. A lot of very cool things to be excited about!

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