Lucha Megadrive – Winter Testing and Trials Feedback


Playable Winter

This week was mainly focused on getting Winter to a playable state, which caused me to run into some unforeseen issues. While my combat designer handled plugging in our fantastic new animations and tweaking hit boxes and move data, I went into the code to expand our Winter subclass to give her what she needs to function as a playable fighter. I also had to implement some extra functionality in our Fighter base class so that our designer could tweak certain moves for Winter-specific interactions. Particularly, the ability to activate armor, push forward, and push back effects mid animation.

lucatraiIn motion it looks pretty slick.

After the initial implementation, we had to clean up our match flow infrastructure a bit to allow for two characters. Champlain expects us to prototype and develop rapidly, which means some old prototype code gets leftover sometimes. Duncan and I dove in and cleaned it up however, so our character select screen finally has a purpose besides color select!

Trials Transitions

We’ve had a working Trials mode for a while now, but it’s been really lacking proper feedback for completing and transitioning between trials. I took some time this week to get trials feedback working according to the design docs.

weeenterShe is a FORCE to be reckoned with.

It’s definitely one of those situations where the little things really end up adding A LOT by the end of it.

Current State of the Project

Moving forward, I think the last big task will be implementing a tutorial. Besides that, art is finally getting to the point where the programming team can really help to bring the game to life. Duncan will be focusing on graphics while I’ll be focusing on tweaking remaining systems and cleaning up any weird interactions that sometimes happen. Programming wise I’m feeling extremely confident that we’re gonna finish everything we need to get done.


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