Lucha Megadrive – Gold Master


As Gold Master week came up, there wasn’t much to add to the game, just a whole lot to punish, and a little bit to fix!

Making Hard Decisions

Nearing the end of our game, there were a couple of animations our combat designer had planned that would have involved some last minute changes to our animation system in order to get working. As cool as it would have been to get it working, I know it was unrealistic, required crunch, and would’ve introduced way too much risk of new bugs in our game right before the big show. I regret not looking into this sooner, but as Programming Lead I had to put my foot down, it’s a tough thing to do but someone had to.

Polish, Polish, Polish

winterwindsWinter’s artic winds activating as she enters her hype state

Since most of the art was squared together, the programming team worked with our animator who put on a temporary VFX role to get some cool VFX for our characters during their hype state. We had some weird scaling issues going on with them, so we had write a short script to make sure the VFX were displaying properly.

Bug Hunting

We have an infamous “fix it” doc where team members can log  bugs, glitches, or design critiques. We also spent a lot of time tracking down and fixing any leftover bugs, resulting in a stable and polished experience.


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