Lucha Megadrive – Post Mortem


Well, the game is done! This is definitely a game that would need at least a year or two of full time development before I’d consider a full fledged release, but as our graduation nears and our classes end, so must our production cycle.

The Good

Our team worked incredibly hard and for the most part communicated extremely well to be able to pull off what we did. I think we did a fantastic job of communicating, and adjusting how we do so as the semester went on. We did a great job at scoping, and taking hits when we needed to as well. I think we also did a fantastic job of supporting each other and really coming together as a team to get our game done.

The Bad

I think the main issue that really affected our workflow was the lack of a more organized animation pipeline. Both of our animators had some miscommunication with the rig which caused lots of animations to be re-exported with new references, which wasted a lot of time on the animation side and on the implementing side. There were also so many animations that some of them were also lost in translation and had to be re-done.

What I Would Change

Well for one, I definitely would want more love and attention played to the animation pipeline. On the programming and architecture end though, I really wish I would’ve designed and written a robust state machine to handle animation transitions and gameplay logic. A lot of the bugs we ran into was because of our reliance on Unity’s animator transitions. The problem is our game has so many animation states that might need to switch at a moments notice, and the more complex our animator got the more weird animation glitches happened – which were a pain to fix! Having a more robust state machine would have also made gameplay logic easier to write and debug.


I’ll always look fondly to this project. I felt like I applied a lot of what I learned from previous experiences but also learned so much more in the process. In the future, I would absolutely love to restart production on this game again to see where we could take it, cause people really seem to like it! You never know what the future may hold.

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