Lucha Megadrive – Team Dynamics


If there’s one thing I’m definitely sure about, it’s that I’m going to miss the hell out of my team. Everyone did such an awesome job and poured so much passion into this project that it’s no wonder that it came out so great. I’m gonna take this blog post to talk about how my interactions went with the other disciplines.


Including me, there were two programmers on this team, so me and the other programmer, Duncan Carroll were pretty close. We both understood how fighting games worked very well so delegating and splitting up tasks was pretty easy and went pretty seamlessly. Since he joined the team halfway through, I would catch him up on how the games architecture worked from time to time, but he was really good at adapting and implementing new features quickly. We’re also really good at hunting down bugs together, overall I couldn’t have asked for a better programming partner in crime!


charaselect2An example of our updated UI!

I definitely have been working extremely close to design since day one. Paul Klimazewski, our lead designer has been in charge of combat, and with so many deep and complex systems going on I was constantly making sure to communicate with him to make sure mechanics were working as intended. I also made sure that the tools I made for him were working well and improving the design process. Halfway through I also had the pleasure of working with Natalie Orlando, our UI/UX designer. They were a joy to work with, as they gave our game’s UI the much needed love it deserved while also striving to make sure their designs wouldn’t put too much extra stress on the programming and art team. They came up with several smart solutions and were very comfortable with implementing their own stuff in the engine as well!


Our art team really outdid themselves with this game. The art scope we put on ourselves was huge, and I believe they really rose to the occasion. Our art lead Cole Kirkpatrick did an amazing job of concepting and wrangling in the art direction while also ensuring scope was always reasonable. Our environment artist Tori Vergara also did an amazing job of bravely stepping out of their comfort zone to help with character modeling when the occasion called for it. Last but definitely not least, our animators Sean Walsh and Joey Lefebvre took an insane amount of animation work this semester and handled it really well. I also really appreciated their patience as our animation pipeline could have used some work and they really worked with us to make sure animations were looking great and feeling well.


I’m also really thankful for our producer Elijah Dixson, who had the monumental task of managing the communication for a team making a fighting game! He really outdid himself and did everything in his power to ensure that all we had to worry about was making sure our tasks were done and that our timelines were feasible. He also put in the extra work to help our team bond and get to know each other, which I think resulted in way better efficiency in the later sprints. Lastly, Brian Flaherty our audio designer provided some awesome tracks quickly and without any stress.


Although things may have been a bit rocky at first, our team really got comfortable with each other and by the end of things it did feel a bit like a small family. We all poured our hearts and souls into this game and I hope it shows!


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