Lucha Megadrive – Tutorial Mode


Learning a fighting game is tough, and Lucha Megadrive like any other fighting game has a plethora of mechanics. That’s why we implemented a simple tutorial to teach new players the basics. As the programmer, I set up the systems, requirements, and light AI required to finish the tutorial.

The First Pass

So I started first by not worrying too much about UI and just setting up a system so that the tutorial manager can listen for specific events and feed new situations to listen for as old ones are completed. This got the job done well, but the UI was definitely lacking and in order to get it working with the current set up there’d have to be a lot of UI specifically designed for the tutorial, which probably wouldn’t be a good use of time for how far we were into the project.

The Solution

tutorialdisplaySimple and clean.

Our UI/UX designer and I worked together to come up with an amazing solutions, we would make a quick and easy panel system that visually showed the player what they should be doing along with checklist type of UI that allowed the communication of the completion of a variety of different tasks. It ended up looking like this and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!

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