Hey there! Thanks for checking out the site. I’m Gabriel Pereyra, a hard-working Game Programming student with a deep passion for games.

As a game programmer, I channel that passion into every project I work on. On top of holding several programming work study positions at Champlain College’s EMC, my rigorous curriculum has forced me to work on several games and a variety of user experiences. This includes anything from your typical PC game, mobile development, and even some experience with the HTC Vive.

I am currently working on my senior capstone project, Lucha Megadrive – a 2.5D Luchador themed fighting game with wrestling twists. It’s been a huge challenge but it’s going extremely well right now and I can’t wait to take it along further.

As a programmer, my passions include game-play and AI programming, with plenty of experience with not only C++ but Unity as well.